Stock code:430510


Ups and downs:


  • ra0.04

    Surface roughness

  • ±0.02

    Maximum precision tolerance for die casting parts (mm)

  • 14000

    Highest rotor spindle running speed (RPM)

  • u

    Accuracy up to µ level

  • Advanced Equipment

    The company occupied the domestic leading level in the process technology, advanced production equipment technology and control experience. The company has passed the international quality management system ISO9001 validation and the automobile industry products and related service quality management system IATF16949 validation and other management systems.

  • Rich experience in operation

    QDFG is equipped with advanced Japanese equipment, and has rich experience in equipment control, so that all kinds of advanced production equipment can play the best operation effect.

  • Possess R&D team

    The company has set up a technology R&D department to undertake research and development functions. The company's core technologies and processes are independently developed by our own R&D department. The research direction and specific research fields are designated by the leader of R&D department based on the emerging industry trends and the company developing direction.

  • Strict process standards

    R&D team and the project members from other departments , set up mutual cooperation, from concept, program design, process development to product confirm, feedback and mass production, design and implement the optimal production process, processing methods and standards of every step, formed a complete scientific, reasonable, and strict implementation model.