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Business Distribution


At present, Fengguang is deeply engaged in semiconductor, industrial automation, automotive, rail transit and other global strategic fields

  • Semiconductor Industry

    Semiconductor Industry

    Semiconductor industry is the basic support industry of the national economy. In recent years with the development of China's economy and development, advancement in information technology, the rapid development of domestic semiconductor industry has become the main driving force for the growth of the global semiconductor market, the market scale continues to expand.

  • Automation Industry

    Automation Industry

    The company's products are mainly used in the industrial automation industry for intelligent manufacturing, production manufacturing equipment, machine tools, and industrial robots.

  • Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    With the withdrawal of preferential tax policies for small-displacement passenger cars and the decline of macroeconomic indicators, China's automobile industry as a whole is under pressure, and the production and sales volume have fallen slightly Looking to the future, considering that the number of cars per thousand in China is still at a lower level than that in developed countries, the auto industry still has great space for growth, and the auto industry as a whole begins to.transition from a high volume to a high quality mindset.

  • Railway Industry

    Railway Industry

    Features of rail transportation include large capacity, high security, fast and efficient, environmentally friendly and smaller more effective footprint per capita. The construction of urban public transportation system plays increasingly important role to ease the " urban disease" ; optimize urban space layout, improve land use efficiency and promote urban sustainability.

Future planning


At present, QDFG aim at globalization and full development in many fields.